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The lack of trust in the world will be our


as a race. I am realizing how much stress an unworthy and irresponsible leader can impress upon the people. I am convinced that, from the beginning of this strange situation, the truth has been kept from us, which is nothing new, but I am certain that it is for our detriment rather than our benefit. I understand that great art and literature comes from times like this, but I do not know if right now is the best time. Everyone is beginning to question deeply the validity and importance of their normal routines; we are faced with a dilemma that we are not used to dealing with. We fear our workflow coming to a halt, the distractions we so heavily rely upon disappear, and we have to face ourselves in the mirror and reflect. Allah advises us in the Qur’an multiple times to use our intellect and reflect upon the state of humanity and our incredible existence, however, those who fled any form of reflection have been presented no other option. They sit on their phones for only so long, watch Netflix, facetime group chat, go for walks, many of them, not used to a placid repetitive lifestyle, although I myself am not either. A lifestyle where the days blend together, and our responsibilities diminish to only being survival. The structures and responsibilities are stripped away from us, and it becomes a question of why we must survive… what there is for us in this bleak and limited existence is boils down to only one thing. This is where the state of the believer, the Muslim is special; because they understand that trials are a part of this life; and only with patience and the remembrance of Allah do they benefit from them. While those with no belief system or foundational spirituality, are at a loss, searching for answers in places they will never find them.