a digital inquiry

Young love, the most painful of all. The most unrestricted form of embrace and togetherness that needs not speech nor challenge. It is the purest embodiment of two souls joining in empathy. The will to give up one’s family, life-long relationships, beliefs, perspectives; it is all on the line upon meeting the one whom you will love forever. It is not a question of whether or not the love will remain, but a matter of how long it takes one to realize that and that one must eventually love again. The in-between is where it is most difficult, however. Reaching that point, is to overcome religious belief in a fabricated love, a love that was real at a time, scriptural, and holy with prophets and divine inspirations leading the two souls to one another. Until they can be left alone in solitude, together, to then rewrite and fabricate that purity which had been provided to them. And so, trumpets will begin to play at their separation. The new moment which misplaced the pure trajectory of love that young lovers so often re-define, unknowing of the fact that there is only one path to true love. That love which lasts forever and does not end with somber compositions of an orchestra draped in black, performing in cupid’s wasteland where harbingers of heartbreak rejoice ︎